Don't Compromise Your Faith

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Matthew 5:37
"Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No"

Today I can look back and see that I did compromise my faith, and it pulled me away from God. I was on a road trip (driving) around the world. Can you imagine how long this would take (days, months and years).
Yes, that was me, until one day I picked up the Bible and found the truth.

It was a good thing, because of what I had to face down the road. I was in a meeting at our prior church and the question was asked each one in the room, “What does worship mean to you?” Some said serving, some said singing, and when he came to me, I just said that worship was all about Jesus. The comment that was made in regards to my meaning of worship was “Sometimes we have to tweak things”. (Tweak means to twist). I was devastated by this person’s remark. The Bible clearly states that you cannot add to or take away the truth.

I am holding tight to God’s Word like a ball of yarn with the string tucked in, so I won’t unravel.

Thank you Lord, for leading me to Heritage Church of God. A church where God’s words are not tweaked and truth is spoken.


Peggy Stalder
Director Benevolence Pantry