Jubiliee Testimonies

This is a time to look back and reclaim the feeling, assurance, commitment, and love we have for the Lord Jesus Christ. You can revisit the 50 days of Jubilee Testimonies to view previously published testimony letters from our congregation.

Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 40

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Thursday, February 24, 2011, Day 40

                                                                MEMORIES AND BLESSINGS

About 10 years ago I came to Heritage Church of God.  The previous church where my husband, Lee, and I attended closed when the Pastor encouraged the members to form a church outside of the United Brethren denomination.  Fifty or so people decided to remain with the United Brethrens.  However, the first Sunday those who stayed behind went to the church to have a morning service found that the locks on the building were changed.  We all had to find another church.

Lee and I visited 9 churches and were especially pleased with the very kind welcome we received at Heritage.  Pastor Fry and Terry were so helpful to us as we went through the sadness of leaving the friends from our previous church.  Little by little, we took advantage of opportunities given to us to be a part of the activities in the church such as choir, teaching Bible school, attending picnics and parties, and the many other occasions to be with the wonderful people that make up Heritage Church.

One of the many memories I will never forget is when Pastor and Terry were on vacation in Florida and Lee died suddenly.  Pastor K was immediately with me at the hospital.  When I talked by phone to Pastor Bob telling him that he should not come back from his vacation, Pastor K was with me, Pastor Bob said he was already on his way back.

I look back on this past year with gratefulness to God for His goodness to me.  I look forward to being with the NJFS group each month, the day trips we take, being able to be part of the keyboard schedule, bowling, attending church services and Sunday School and hearing messages that challenge me in my Christian growth, Bible Busters, great meals on Wednesdays, lunch with whoever is available after Sunday morning service, and just being part of the conversation with each other whenever we get together.  I had a wonderful week last summer when three couples from Heritage invited me to join their vacation at Tappan Lake.

I know I will think of many more blessings after I close but I want to thank everyone in the Heritage family for adding so much to my life.

Thelma Fuller
Music Team



Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 38

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011, Day 38

                                                                         WHAT HERITAGE CHURCH MEANS TO ME 

Heritage Church is more than just a building where we go to worship.  It is a family where Christ walks among us.  When we started attending Heritage we found that Ginny Keck, who is our neighbor, also attends.  Then we met Dick and Deb Johnston and found out Deb and our daughter, Beth, were maid of honor and flower girl in the same wedding party many years ago.  Jeff Kipplen started attending and he is a young man who attended the church we went to before Heritage.  God has a plan of which we are all connected to and God will make sure we stay connected.

 Not only do we meet every Sunday morning for worship service; there are also many social activities and Bible studies.  There is something for everyone.  I feel our church has a unique ministry.  A ministry that is Bible based where Pastor encourages everyone to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide them in understanding the Word of God as we read the Bible.  We are very privileged to have the Bible.  The Bible is God talking to us and we should never feel guilty about whether we read it or not.  When we open the Bible it should be with sincere love of God and because we seek to hear His Word.   We also have "Ask the Pastor" night once a month.  I think this is very interesting to see what questions others find in the Bible.  Pastor always has an answer and, if you know Pastor, that won't surprise you.

I love this church and its ministry.  May the love of God bless us all.

Lois Langenderfer
Finance Committee


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 36

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Sunday, February 20, 2011, Day 36

                                                                        IT FEELS LIKE HOME TO ME

As most of you know, we are not originally from this area.  When I came to Northwest Ohio, I did not know anyone or really anything about this area.  I had always made the comment in jest that, “I would only move where it was warmer….not colder.”  The Lord, however, had a different idea in mind for us.  I believe now with all my heart that the Lord sent us to this area to be a part of Heritage Church of God.

At first it was really hard for me.  When you have been in the same church for over 20 years it is difficult to completely leave that forever.  I admit that Michael had to strongly encourage me that everything would be alright here.  I’ll never forget my first time at Heritage Church of God.  The first person to speak to me was Sheila, as a greeter.  She even hugged me.  That was only the beginning.  It didn’t take long before I felt very much at ease and had made friends.  But they weren’t just friends that you speak to and go on about your business like in some churches.   These were people that cared and were interested in us.  They made me feel welcome.  That is only one of many wonderful things I could say about Heritage Church of God.

Sometimes in life, things change.  When that happened to us, the church stepped in to help.  When Michael had his surgery, we were amazed that people we didn’t know very well brought us food at home for several days.  Pastor Fry visited him in the hospital every day.  Different ones came to the hospital and to the house to visit him.  We had never experienced anything like that before.  We received lots of cards and telephone calls.  People cared!  They still do today. 
Heritage Church of God is thoughtful, prayerful and helpful to those in need.  It will soon be eight years since I first started coming to Heritage Church of God.  In that time I have seen many changes but they have all been enrichment for the church.  The church has grown spiritually with the preaching of Pastor Fry, Bible studies and other activities, but also it has grown closer.  We are all one family. 

I know that Heritage Church of God will continue to grow and fulfill the direction the Lord has set before us.  I would not ever hesitate to recommend Heritage Church of God to anyone.   It feels like home and family to me. 

Sharon Day
Children’s Sunday School


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 39

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011, Day 39

                                                                                THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT
                                                                                             Romans 8:28

Have you ever heard of the “butterfly effect?”  This is a theory that states everything that happens, no matter how insignificant, can set events into motion that can eventually change the course of history.  The example given is that of the fluttering of the wings of a butterfly in one part of the world causing a change in air currents that will eventually cause a hurricane in another part of the world.

While this example might be a little extreme and unbelievable - the overall theory does have merit.  There have been, throughout history, catastrophic occurrences which were triggered by actions which seemed insignificant at the time, much like a discarded cigarette starting a huge forest fire.

How this plays out in an individual’s life is interesting.  In the movie “Sliding Doors,” two versions of a young woman’s life are portrayed based on a simple event which alters her whole life.  In one version she runs and catches a train and continues on her way.  In the second version something happens that causes her to be a few seconds late and the “sliding doors” of the train close and she misses it and her life goes in a completely different direction.  Things like this happen in real life all the time.  The decisions we make, the chance meetings we encounter, and the unexpected tragedies which take place in our lives can set in motion a series of events that will either bless our lives or curse us.

Being a Christian, though, has made me optimistic.  I’ve seen circumstances play out in my own life, and because of this I’ve come to regard Romans 8:28 as my favorite verse in Scripture.  It says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose.”
The untimely death of my wife’s mother started a chain of events which eventually brought us to Heritage.  Her death and each of the following situations seemed to be, at the time, despairing.

Once at Heritage, though, things began to look up.  We met new friends, got involved in the music, Sunday School, Bible studies, and fellowship.  As a result, I felt as though I started to grow in the Lord once again.
To top it off my son met a wonderful young lady and they hit it off and are now married and have blessed my wife and I, and her parents, with a beautiful granddaughter.  All this was put into motion because of the loss of a loved one.  My daughter-in-law’s family also found their way to Heritage through the death of one of their family members.
So if you are feeling down because it seems as though the whole world is against you, don’t be disheartened because a blessing may be right around the next corner.  Truly, at Heritage, all things do work together for good for those that love the Lord.  It happens all the time.

Greg Keel
Adult Education


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 37

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Monday, February 21, 2011, Day 37

                                                           THE JOY OF SERVING

I had always wanted to spend my retirement years in service to the church in some capacity.  Usually I thought of it as pastoring a small church that could not afford a full-time pastor.  For three years that became a reality with Dorr Street.  Then when we merged, I found the joy of being part of a pastoral staff with the freedom to do many things and the freedom from total responsibility of the church.  For me it has been a perfect fit and it is where the Lord wants me.

The joy of serving here is the joy of having hundreds of brothers and sisters in Christ who love and appreciate you and who are also anxious to serve in their ministries in the church.  It seems that everyone here searches for ways to serve the church and one another.  The Lord gives each one different talent and we all have time to give.

The joy of serving Christ comes in serving one another and reaching out to those who are seeking something significant in their lives.  It is the joy of seeing changed lives.   It is the joy of sharing God-moments.  It is the joy of knowing that because Christ lives, we also live.  It is the joy of looking forward to heaven together.  It is the joy of being the body of Christ, connected to every Christian around the world.

That is the joy of Heritage Church of God.

Pastor K.
Rev. Lewis Kujawski
Associate Pastor


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 35

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Saturday, February 19, 2011, Day 35

                                                 WHY I ATTEND HERITAGE CHURCH OF GOD 

What are the characteristics of God’s church according to the Bible?

  •  ~ A church that believes the whole Bible, from beginning to end is God’s word.(2 Timothy 3:16, 17)
     ~ A church which believes one must be born again to be part of God’s family. (John 3:3,5,7)
     ~ A church that prays.  (1 Thessalonians 5:17, James 5:16)
     ~ A church that worships in spirit and truth.  (John 4:24)
     ~ A church that believes that one should love one another.  (John 13:34)
     ~ A church that believes one should forgive others.  (Matthew 18:21,22, Ephesians 4:32)
     ~ A church that believes in holy living.  (1 Peter 1:15,16)
     ~ A church that witnesses, makes disciples, and observes all that Jesus commands.   (Matthew 28:19,20, Acts 1:8)

I really believe that the Heritage Church of God family exemplifies all of these characteristics in increasing measure.  Why?  Because the Spirit led prayers, preaching, teaching, love and encouragement between fellow brothers and sisters that is continually evident.  There is a growing desire and willingness to become more and more like Christ (Philippians 1:4), to do God’s will (Matthew 7:21,24), and bear fruit for God (Romans 7:4) all for His glory (1 Corinthians 10:31)!

Why do I attend the Heritage Church of God?  Because it is all about Him!

Greg Njaim

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