Jubiliee Testimonies

This is a time to look back and reclaim the feeling, assurance, commitment, and love we have for the Lord Jesus Christ. You can revisit the 50 days of Jubilee Testimonies to view previously published testimony letters from our congregation.

Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 10

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Tuesday, January 25, 2011, Day 10

Exodus 4:1

I rarely went to church after my teen years.  I had a family and was involved in outside interests.  Until one day, God said, “Enough is enough.  You are either for Me or against Me.”  That was pretty scary for me.  It was decision time.  I decided to live for Christ.

God led me to Heritage Church of God where I have been involved in music and calling on new people.  In 2005 and 2008, God healed me of cancer through many prayers by my church family.  I have compassion in my heart that God has many more things for me to do.

This morning I was reading Exodus, Chapter 4.  Three times Moses made lame excuses for not speaking to the Israelites. 

           * But suppose they will not believe me or listen to my voice (so God gave him signs to use) but still Moses said;
           * But I am slow in speech and slow of tongue (God said, I will be your mouth) but still Moses said;
           * But please send by the hand on whomever else you may send.

WOW!  Could that be me?  Do I make up lame excuses when God says, “Go tell the world what Jesus Christ has done for you.”

Jesus did not make lame excuses when he walked up that hill to Calvary or when He forgave us of our sins even though we were unworthy of forgiveness.

Do you make lame excuses to God?

God has a purpose for each one of us.  Part of doing His will is to witness to the lost whether they are a family member, a friend or a stranger.  GO AND TELL.

Peggy Stalder
Director of Visitation


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 8

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Sunday, January 23, 201, Day 8

                                                                                          DEFINING A FAMILY

“A family is love, understanding, and encouragement.” That is how my grandma, Joyce Genung, defines a family.  If you ask me, I would define a family as what we have here at Heritage Church of God.

The understanding and acceptance of each person that God brings through our doors, is a testament to how dedicated the church is to building up the Kingdom of Heaven.  In my life, I have seen this through my husband.  Todd has gone from calling the church, “Heather’s church” to now, “our church.”   I thank God for the many friendships He has given us here at Heritage.  They all help us to have a stronger marriage and a closer relationship with the Lord.

God is also working in the church through our many Bible studies and children’s programs.  With the encouragement from the God driven leaders, we are working together to build a strong foundation of faith in every generation.  It is awesome to see our children and our youth supported and encouraged to fulfill the callings that God has on their lives.  He is changing our hearts every week.  God has blessed me and taught me so much more from the people in my Living Light Bible Study than I could ever teach them.  Where else can you go and be reminded that God can use you where you are today.  He does not care what you look like or how you dress.  He wants you just the way you are.  Encouragement!   Try it, it spreads?.
“….But the greatest of these is love.” Romans 13:13.   God’s love is pouring out, over, and through every person and ministry here at Heritage.  Love is at the core of everything we do.  I am so thankful to be a fourth-generation member of a church that teaches its people how to love as God loves.  It is my prayer that all who enter here will be as encouraged, understood, and loved as my family has been.

Heather Mefferd
Director of Living Light


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 6

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Friday, January 21, 2011, Day 6


It is hard to understand why we ever became members of this church.  When I retired, we decided to move back to Toledo to be near our friends.  Being life long Methodist, we looked for a Methodist church to join but were unable to find one that fit our needs.  Our daughter was bringing her children to the day care and she mentioned to Pastor Bob that we were looking for a church home.  Of course, he suggested we try Heritage and we did.  

On our first visit, we both noticed that there seem to be something different about the Church.  To be sure, the people were friendly, the music was upbeat, and the message was very good, even though Pastor Bob was on vacation that Sunday.  There was something else, something spiritual -- not physical.  It finally dawned on us that God’s presence was in this house.  We could see it on the faces of the people.  We could feel it in their love.  We had to be a part of this!

I have been a Christian since I was a teenager but I never really understood what it was to be a Christian.  It is unbelievable how God has used me since I started coming to this Church.  Before coming here, I wouldn’t go to the grocery store on a bet.  Ask me sometime to tell you the horror story about the time Dorothy sent me to the grocery store to buy some milk.  Now they know me by sight at Sam’s Club and I help prepare a meal every Wednesday for over 100 people.  Before coming here, I wouldn’t go in the kitchen except to get a cup of coffee.  I am now working in the drama department and I had never acted before in my life.  I teach an adult Sunday school class and I never would have thought of doing that before joining this Church.  It seems that every thing I thought I would never do, God now has me doing.

Over the years I have read the Bible, but I never really read the Bible.  Now, thanks to the Bible study classes and the Sunday school classes I am now really reading the Bible.  You can see God’s presence in every thing this church is about.  It is really exciting to be part of this and grow in the understanding of God’s works.  Aside from meeting my wife, this is the best thing that has ever happened to me.

Charlie Taylor
Council Member


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 9

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Monday, January 24, 2011, Day 9


As I reflect on Heritage Church of God, two words come to my mind – love and family. 

First is love.  God’s love is a very comforting and warm feeling as you enter the door and next is the sister/brother love that lets you know that you are accepted for yourself.  God brought me to Heritage Church when I was in need of nurturing and uplifting as I was the primary care giver for my parents and my younger brother.

Family is the next word and that is the part of being united in service, prayer time, sharing and caring about other’s needs, and being able to share personal needs with others. 

I enjoy our Bible studies, our group knitting and crocheting in Knitting for Others, and working in the nursery room of our Child Care Center.  My love for those children and the family relationships bring meaning and fulfillment into my life on a daily basis.  God is good.

A verse I try to live by is Joshua 1:9, “Be strong and of good courage; do not be afraid, nor be dismayed for the Lord your God is with you whenever you go.”

Carol Ford
Heritage Child Care


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 7

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Saturday, January 22, 201, Day 7


Every day for as long as I can remember this has been the song that I live by!  When things in life are good, I sing it.  On the not so good days, this is the song that gets me through.  God as blessed me in more ways than I can count. 

I started walking to church as a young child.  I always have had the desire to be in the house of my Lord and Savior!  Although my family did not attend church, they supported me.  I thank God for such a wonderful family.

During the storms of life, god has shown me that if I stay faithful and walk in His name each and every day, just taking one day at a time, He will never leave me or forsake me!  He has never promised all will be easy, but he has promised to walk by my side during the good times and carry me through the bad times.  So, I continue my journey one day at a time giving all the glory to my Heavenly Father.

Sheila Bernhard
Director of Greeters


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 5

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Thursday, January 20, 2011, Day 5


I thank God always for sending me to Heritage Church of God.   I thank Him for the different people that are a part of my life, love and care for me, and show love as Jesus tells us to love one another.   I think that there are so many different congregations all over the world and to realize that God brought me to this group of God loving people is amazing.  
The way that God has mixed all who have come through the doors of Heritage Church is amazing.  God has given Heritage the people to make a church that will fill the needs of everyone coming through the door.  
I pray that I will serve this church of God with all that God has given me.  God has given me the gift of helping and I intend to use it to see those who are in need, to make others feel needed, and to serve the people that God has sent to Heritage for whatever purpose He has in his plans.
In our Jubilee celebration of the Church may we see a new life in our church, may we start a new way of seeing the church, and may we all see God’s way of serving the Church that He has sent us to serve.

Tammy Spino
Director of Power Point

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