Jubiliee Testimonies

This is a time to look back and reclaim the feeling, assurance, commitment, and love we have for the Lord Jesus Christ. You can revisit the 50 days of Jubilee Testimonies to view previously published testimony letters from our congregation.

Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 4

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Wednesday, January 19, 201, Day 4

                                                                          FROM SADNESS COMES JOY

About ten years ago, we had a niece with cystic fibrosis who passed away at Toledo Hospital.  A former member of Heritage Church called Pastor Fry to come help with the family and he was wonderful.  After his visitations we decided to go to his church for a couple of services basically to thank him.

After our second week in attendance, I found that I would be hospitalized for an angioplasty.  I called a couple of my friends to let them know.  Within 30 minutes, the Pastor called and said he would see us at the hospital in the morning.  I was stunned.  A little later his wife called.  I was thinking who are these people who really don’t know me and they are calling and caring about me.  It was amazing.

We have been at Heritage Church from that point on.  Both of our children met their spouses here.  My son came to a hobo dinner and met Andrea.  They married and gave us two grandsons.  One is in heaven and the other everyone knows, Jett.  God has been good.   Adam Keel, proposed to our daughter, Erin, in front of the entire congregation and they were married one year later.   They have now given us a beautiful granddaughter.

We have been so blessed at Heritage that I cannot imagine being any place else.

Ken Quigg
Chairman of Council


Heritage Jubliee Testimony Day 2

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Monday, January 17, 2011 Day 2
                                                                CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW!!

“Said the night wind to the little lamb do you hear what I hear…”  Do you hear the word each Sunday from the Lord through Pastor Fry?   Do you hear the music from the Lord through the Worship Team?  Do you hear the word from the Bible Studies through the Holy Spirit?   Do you hear God’s still small voice daily speaking to you?   Be still and know that I am GOD.
Psalms 85:8 says, “I will hear what God the LORD will speak for he will speak peace unto his people.”
Proverbs 22:17 says, “Bow down your ear, and hear the words of the wise, and apply your heart unto my knowledge.”
Ezekiel 3:27 says, “But when I speak with you, I will open your mouth, and you will say unto them, Thus saith the Lord GOD; He who hears, let him hear.”
God is with us every day.  If we pray without ceasing and read our bibles, we can hear the still small voice.
As we go through the 50 days of Jubilee, let’s look at ourselves and see what the Lord has in store for us in 2011.   If we listen, we can learn.
My prayer for the Heritage Church of God Family is Jubilee will let us see Christ in the church.

Terry Fry
Executive Director


Fifty Days of Jubilee Testimonies

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This is a time to look back and reclaim the feeling, assurance, commitment, and love we have for the Lord Jesus Christ. You can revisit the 50 days of Jubilee Testimonies, please see below and click on the Day 1 - 50 to view previously published testimony letters from our congregation.

We need to spend time in prayer and examine ourselves to see if there are any selfish ways in our life.  God came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  If we want that abundant life, we must step closer to Him, trust Him and be content in Him.

We need to look at our giving, both in service as well as our monetary giving.  God has been faithful in doing His part and we must be faithful in ours.  We are not our own.  We were bought with a price.  We are here to serve Him, not ourselves.  Only in serving Him will we have the peace in this life that passes all understanding.

God wants the best of the best for His people and so do I.  If we are to have the best, then we must give our best.  I know we can and I believe we will.  I look forward to what God is doing now and will do over the next few weeks.  My prayer is that it will be life changing.  I know it can be if we only yield to His will.

God Bless,

R. L. Fry

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Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 3

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011, Day  3


                                        “Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”  Psalm 84:10a

In the early days of our marriage, with all the bustle of children and activities, Todd and I would sit down in the evenings, take a deep breath, and dream about a place where we could ‘get away from it all.’  A cottage nestled in a forest, along a frolicking stream where we would snuggle on a porch swing and feed the deer as they ventured out to visit us.  We even gave this dream a name; Elsewhere. 
In the later years of marriage, as the bustle of children and activities grew, and money was needed for things more important than deer fodder, we came to a conclusion; “Elsewhere” was a dream -- a place we shared only in sighs as we fell onto the couch at the end of an exhausting day.

But God has blessed us with an Elsewhere, right in our own backyard. 

With scraps from a mechanic and rocks from my parents’ creek, Todd built a ‘stream’ in our backyard.  It is stocked with goldfish that friends win at carnivals and teachers no longer need after the last day of school.  There isn’t a forest anywhere near our neighborhood, but with gifts of cuttings, roots and seeds from family and friends, I created a little sylvan glade in our backyard.  We don’t have a porch swing, but our neighbors gave us patio furniture they no longer needed.  Todd and I push these cushioned chairs together and settle in.  Only once in 14 years have deer wandered through our yard, but every morning we are visited by a family of chipmunks, nesting robins, hungry squirrels and a cat who lives under the neighbor’s shed.
Here our souls are touched by God’s ministering Hand.  We rest our minds.  We read and write, pray and listen to God’s voice through scripture.  Elsewhere is a respite, where we are content, at peace, meeting heart to heart with Jesus.   This is why Psalm 84:10 is so dear to us.  “Better is one day in Your courts than a thousand elsewhere.”
When we think of our “Elsewhere”, and how precious it is to us, we realize that one day – even one moment -- in the presence of God fills us with an even greater joy.  To think that a thousand days in our garden, which we would enjoy so much, is nothing compared to one day in the court of our Lord and King!

Charles Spurgeon said it best; “Under the most favorable circumstances in which earth’s pleasures can be enjoyed, they are not comparable by so much as one in a thousand to the delights of the service of God.  Even a glimpse of the love of God is better than ages spent in the pleasures of sense.”

We once thought this time spent together in the garden was selfish.  Then we saw in the scriptures how often Jesus went away to be alone with His Father.  It isn’t selfish.  It is necessary.    God also showed us how this time was a witness to others.   One morning, as I was praying, I heard a voice ask, “Who are you talking to, Mrs. Swonger?”  I opened my eyes to see the little boy who lives next door peering at me through the lattice and grapevines.  “I’m talking to Jesus,” I told him.  Now he doesn’t ask who I am talking to in my garden.  He just calls to me from his yard, “You talking to Jesus again, Mrs. Swonger?”

Thank You, Lord, for Elsewhere!

Todd and Angie Swonger
Todd - Director of Sound; Angie – President CWC


Heritage Jubilee Testimony Day 1

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Sunday, January 16, 2011, Day 1

                                                      50 DAYS OF JUBILEE

The phrase the “Body of Christ” is a common New Testament metaphor for the church.  The church is called “one body in Christ” in Romans 12:5; “one body” in 1 Corinthians 1:17;  “the body of Christ” in 1 Corinthians 12:27 and Ephesians 4:12; and “the body” in Hebrews 13:3.  The church is clearly equated with “the body” of Christ in Ephesians 6:23 and Colossians 1:24.

When Christ entered our world, He took on a physical body “prepared” for Him (Hebrews 10:5; Philippians 2:7).  Through His physical body, Jesus demonstrated the love of God clearly, tangibly, and boldly -- especially through His sacrificial death on the cross (Romans 5:8).  After His bodily ascension, Christ continues His work in the world through those He has redeemed and the church now demonstrates the love of God clearly, tangibly, and boldly.  In this way, the church functions as “the Body of Christ.”

In the Book of Leviticus, a Jubilee year is mentioned to occur every fifty years.  In that year, slaves and prisoners would be freed, debts would be forgiven and the mercies of God would be particularly manifested.

Today we are calling for 50 Days of Jubilee to thank God for His sacrifice, His commitment to us, His drawing us together in His church and our work together at Heritage.

I am excited about the spiritual tie we have at Heritage Church of God.  Everyone has a story on how God brought them here and how He is working in each life that allows the ministry to work through them.  It is time to give thanks, time to count our blessings, time to lift up our hands, time to lift our voices in one accord to a Holy God who loved us enough to give us his kingdom.

God bless each and every one who joins together for the lifting up of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Robert L. Fry

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