Special Events & Announcements

It’s time to come out cheer on our Heritage Softball Teams!

Games begin this week!

All games are played at

Proclaim FM

7112 Angola Road

Holland, Ohio

Check the Church Calendar

for when the next Softball Game!

Come out and Cheer the teams.


"Step UP" Men's Bible Study

Men 50 yrs and under


Facilitator : Senior Pastor Robert Lee Fry


Saturday 8:30am

Heritage Church of God

“A Call to Courageous Manhood” All men 50 years and under are welcome to come to this new men’s bible study. The bible study will meet every Saturday morning at 8:30am.


Any questions, please contact the Church office (419)-861-9520 ext 201


Heritage Church of God

Vacation Bible School

July 24-28 from 6:30 -8:5pm


Hero Central

Discover Your Strength in God

Psalms 31:14b ”Do Good Seek Peace and Go For It!”

This program will take the kids to the real HERO’S Of the Bible, where Samuel anoints David, and Abigail saves the day. They will experience the day Jesus went to the temple and much more!

They Will Also Become

“HERO”S Themselves


We need your help!

There is a “HELP with VBS” signup sheet in the Narthex, we need a lot of helpers!

Please sign up today or call the Church office at (419)-861-9520 ext. 201

Items Needed For Vacation Bible School

Candy & Candy & Candy we need small individually wrapped candy!

We will be doing our annual "Blessing of the Backpacks" on Sunday, Morning Worship Service

All Children are asked to bring their own Backpackes

if they have one.


UPDATE FROM SCOTT our Health & Wellness Director:


By R. Scott Siewert / Health and Wellness Director

It's never to late to fix the damage of a low exercise lifestyle.

Muscle at any age can be built, as can aerobic capacity. Don't know where to start? You don't have to have had a sports active history or been such and such champion of whatever/ After being a Masters World Champion Power Lifter, then the set backs of a spinal-fusion and complete knee replacement, back in a gym or home weight training was all a new beginning.

MONDAY : Resistance training with focus on upper body. Try chest presses (bench presses) with dumbbells or bar with free weights. Triceps push downs with a machine or push ups.

TUESDAY : Some type of Cardio training (your goal is to work up to 30 minutes).

WEDNESDAY : Resistance training with focus on the legs. Ty leg presses, leg extensions and squats. Leg curls.

THURSDAY : Some type of cardio training (your goal is to work up to 30 minutes).

FRIDAY : Resistance training with focus on the back. Try the pull up machine, horizontal rows with dumbbells or barbells and biceps curls.

SATURDAY : Some type of cardio training

SUNDAY : Rest, go to Church. For resistance training do 3 sets of higher reps (12-15) till some strength gains are noticed then lower your reps (6-8) and add an additional set. GREAT FOR STARTERS


2017 Offertory Envelopes are NOW available

If you already have an assigned envelopes, your offering envelopes are Available in Narthex.

If you have any questions about Direct Deposit Call Church office (419) 861-9520

and speak with Greg Njaim ,Finance Director, or Penny Drain, Church Administrator

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